7466 New York 5‎ & 20, PO Box 96 East Bloomfield, NY 14443 Sunday 10:00am

Our Mission

new hope mission

WELCOME! Here is what we’re about!

We are an ever growing Christian family pursuing Jesus with all our hearts, while serving and loving our community with all our lives.

We are located in a small town just outside the Rochester Metro area.  We are an unusual small town church in that the majority our congregants are commuters from the city and surrounding towns. Which gives us the beautiful advantage of having a community focus that is much more regional than local.

Our mission is simple: Love God, Love People, See Revival. 

1. We radically love God as we encounter His radical love for us.

2. We aim to serve, give, and love those in our spiritual family, those in our local communities, and those worldwide. To reveal the love of God to the poor and broken through living a lifestyle of giving, love, and meekness.

3. Where some may think church is a place to sit back and relax, we think church is a place to reach out and encounter God together. From the very first church in the Bible (Acts 2), church was never meant to be void of encounter. We labor to see a resting place for the presence and power of God (Psalm 132). We want to see a tidal wave of people turning their hearts to God in Western New York that would rival anything this region has ever scene.

We want to see His love change the world through us.

Come be apart of it.