7466 New York 5‎ & 20, PO Box 96 East Bloomfield, NY 14443 Sunday 10:00am

Growth Track

Want to get more info about New Hope? Want to get more involved? Want to become a member?


This is the starting place for becoming a part of New Hope! We are pumped you want to pursue being a part of the family here and walking in all God has for you.

During these two gatherings (listed below), our aim is to serve you with information, personal and spiritual gifting discovery tests, and help you identify the path God has for you to serve His kingdom.

Our goal with this Growth Track isn’t just to plug you into a system we’ve created. We want to discover who you are you as you discover who we are!

When: Growth Track Gathering 2nd Sunday of every month after service. 

Where: In our conference room on the lowest level.

Attending these two gatherings allows you to graduate to becoming an official member at New Hope Fellowship.

Snacks are provided.

Two gatherings on a continual rotating basis every 2nd Sunday of the month

  • 1.  What is New Hope Fellowship? Our vision, our story, our leadership team, and why we love our church and think you will too.
  • 2.  Discovery. Spiritual and personal gifting. Let us serve you in finding a place for you!

To get signed up email us at: office@newhopenewyork.org and or we’ll see you on the 2nd Sunday!