7466 New York 5‎ & 20, PO Box 96 East Bloomfield, NY 14443 Sunday 10:00am

April 23rd 2017 Bulletin


April 23rd, 2017

Sunday    Morning Service    10:00AM

Nursery-newborn-2 years

Sign in your child at any time, and sign them out/pick them up at the close of service

Kids Church-ages 3-12

Children will be dismissed after Worship and will be escorted back upstairs at the close of service

Monday    Men’s Small Group                  6:30-8PM

Conference Room

Wednesday   Youth Night                                6:30-8PM

Fellowship Hall

Encounter God Service               7:00PM


Thursday    Woman’s Small Group                  7:30PM

Fellowship Hall

Birthdays:  4/1-Ruth Ditch, 4/2-Agnes Whann, 4/6-Mauro Nesta, 4/9-Hava Marr, 4/11-Cynthia Cucinotta, 4/13-Terry Guckenbiehl, 4/16-Kay Wesley, 4/16-Eduardo Santiago, 4/18-Elisabeth Thomas, 4/20-Gideon Banfield, 4/25-Beth Carmel, 4/29-Isaac Parsons, 4/30-Connelly and Amaris Dosiek

Anniversaries: 4/9- Dale and MaryAnn McGahen

If you are a parent, make sure you register your child for kids church before service! Registration is located to the right of the stairs as you are walking in, on the platform.

Announcing the New Hope Worship and Encounter Conference June 2nd-3rd with Cory Asbury, Landon Schott, Zack and Carrie Hensley, and NHNY Music. Register now at newhopenewyork.org

We have an Encounter God Service every week. Come Wednesdays at 7pm and join us as we pray and worship!

North East Worship Camp is coming! We are in need of host homes. Please email neworshipcamp@gmail.com if you are interested. Background checks will be done on families volunteering to host students as a precaution to ensure the safety of campers.

The Greater Rochester Healing room at New Hope Fellowship is open Mondays from  7-9pm. Anyone in need of healing ministry is welcome to come receive prayer.