7466 New York 5‎ & 20, PO Box 96 East Bloomfield, NY 14443 Sunday 10:00am

Anna Ministry (Prayer)


The Anna ministry comes from Luke 2:36-38. Anna was one who devoted decades of her life after the death of her husband to fasting and prayer day and night in the temple “ushering in” the coming of the Lord.

Just as there were intercessors like Anna (and Simon) during Jesus’ first coming, we believe that God is raising up those before his second coming who would give themselves to devotion in a focused way so as to “usher in” the coming of Christ.

We open up our sanctuary from 10am to 5pm Wednesday through Saturday. We have times of focused prayer led by folks in the room, and times of prayer open to those in the room as we play the live feed from the web stream in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer.

If you would like to commit to being apart of the Anna Ministry or would like more info e-mail Pastor Zack at: zhensley@gmail.com